Shafiuzzaman Ador

Independent Filmmaker & Cinematic Storyteller

In the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh, amidst its vibrant hues and pulsating beats, a visionary embarked on a cinematic journey. Shafiuzzaman Ador, a self-taught filmmaker, has been sculpting visual narratives since 2018, transforming his intense hobby into a prestigious career.

Ador’s signature style—marked by its unique storytelling and quality cinematic visuals—has not only garnered him recognition but also made him the preferred creative partner for many leading corporations and businesses across Bangladesh and beyond.With a canvas that spans over 50 national and international brands—including luminaries like Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, B.A.T, Unilever, Daraz, Yamaha, and Grameen Phone—Ador has become the preferred creative & marketing partner.

What truly sets Ador apart is his dual focus on creativity and strategy. Currently pursuing studies in marketing at North South University, he not only creates visually stunning content but also strategically promotes his clients’ products, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

Software Skills

Content is king • Let’s work together •
Content is king • Let’s work together •


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